(credit: City of Keller)

KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) – The City Manager of Keller is getting rid of some dead weight and to help the city he is including himself in the cuts. Dan O’Leary told the city council this week that he is firing himself.

O’Leary explained to KRLD NewsRadio 1080 that the move wasn’t just a financial decision, he simply doesn’t think the City of Keller needs a City Manager and two Assistant City Managers.

“There came a point and time where I realized that there wasn’t enough work for all three city managers and quite honestly, in some respects, I could tell the days were getting a little longer and I was getting a little more and more bored.”

Seldom during a cost cutting/money saving initiative does an executive make the first job reductions at the top. Most people would have thought an Assistant City Manager position would have been eliminated.

“No, yeah I couldn’t do that,” O’Leary said adamantly. “These two guys are top notch and as I say they’re largely responsible for what success I’ve had here.”

O’Leary also believes he has more options, in terms of another job, than his younger assistants.

“It just made sense that I be the one to go, and quite frankly I have some options they don’t have. I have 32 years of service and they’re in the middle of their careers.”

Since coming onboard with the City of Keller in 2007, O’Leary and his team have integral in implementing a number of decisions.

“We’ve combined dispatch services with three or four cities for police and fire,” recalled O’Leary. “We’re gonna combine three or four cities to run one animal shelter. Those kinds of things we’re looking to do because city governments are going to be forced, in the future, to find ways to provide services more efficiently.”

O’Leary said he feels his $176,000 a year salary could be better spent other places. His last day will be April 20.

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