By Mike Kinney, CBS 11 News

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic.  The unsinkable ship hit an iceberg on April 14th, 1912 and sank, killing more than 1,500 people.  There are events planned all over the place to mark the date and I was invited to one here in the Metroplex by Ron Sturgeon, a Colleyville man who has a whole room in house dedicated to his collection of Titanic items.

Ron Sturgeon is a collector.  His friends call his shop and his house “the repository of cool things.”  Ron started collecting antique toys.  Most of his collection is toy cars but he does not limit his collection to automotive things.  He buys miniature salesman models, model ships and old tin toys.  In his house he has a room full of Marilyn Monroe items including her makeup compact and a bra and garter set.  But his collection of Titanic items is why I went On the Road to do a story.

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“As you can imagine there’s really not very much in the world that is left from the Titanic,” Sturgeon said, but he has managed to fill a room with books and articles, old newspapers form 100 years ago and a few items that were on the ship.  He has a crumb tray that was used in the third class dining room and a coaster that was on the ship.  He has a small plate that was from the White Star Line circa 1912 but was probably from one of the company’s other ships.  He has a whole place setting which is a replica that he bought from the Titanic store which sells tones of replica items.

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Sturgeon will be hosting nearly 200 people Saturday night to mark the 100th anniversary.  Most of them will be dressed in period costume and have been given a boarding pass that bears the name of a person that was on the Titanic.  At 9:40 (the approximate time the ship hit the iceberg) guest will open an information sheet to find out the fate of the family who’s name they have.  It is somewhat morbid but an interesting way to try and connect with what happened 100 years ago.

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I think it’s important to know history. I recently heard some people had no idea the Titanic was a real.  They thought it was just a movie.  The unsinkable ship that sank is a true story and that is why they say “truth is stranger than fiction!”