LANCASTER (CBSDFW.COM) – Less than two weeks after a tornado, Lancaster homeowners are still recovering and bracing for more severe weather. Resident Albert Smith is packing up what he can, while he still can.

“Just trying to keep some stuff from getting wet again,” he said.

There’s not much left of his house in Lancaster, after a tornado hit April 3.

“I walked out of that bathroom I was in,’ he said.  “It was like stepping outdoors –– all this was gone.”

With strong winds, rain, and hail expected to pound North Texas Sunday, Lancaster residents today were still moving out of damaged homes.

“It’s Mother Nature. There’s nothing we can do about it,” said Wyanton Williams, who was helping his sister move furniture.

Workers rushed to finish repairs, worried already battered rooftops will leak or even collapse in severe weather.

“We just trying to get them covered up before the bad weather come in,” said Eric Carter.  “There’s plenty roof that’s uncovered out here. I mean, there’s so much damage out here, you can only do so much. If Mother Nature strike again tonight, God bless us.”

City leaders say they are keeping their eyes on weather conditions. The American Red Cross has also placed volunteers on standby.

“We literally just wrapped up our tornado response yesterday and here we are today, the very next day, gearing up for a response that could be even larger,” said Anita Foster, an agency spokesperson.

Smith, though isn’t too worried. He’s already survived a tornado.

“If it’s not my time to go, I’m not going,” he said.