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Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End:

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*Yes, the Rangers are playing fantastic baseball. Wish they could bottle this up for October. Just 13 games into the season they are already 7 up on the Angels, who are still waiting for Albert Pujols first homer (54 at-bats). Still, it is April. Unless you’re the Tigers of ’84 (who started 35-5) you don’t win pennants before you file your taxes. Couple of years ago the Rangers led Anaheim by 6 games in May and finished 10 games out. It’s earrrrrrrrly.

*Congrats to the Mavs, who last night clinched their 12th consecutive playoff appearance. I’m hearing Rangers fans screaming that this is now a baseball town. Really? Wake me up when you have a championship ring and 12 straight playoff berths. I hope it happens. But it ain’t yet. It’s going to be a great Rangers season, filled with elite baseball on the field and, in the stands, fueled by passion, desperation and, yes, jealousy. Always find it interesting that Mavs fans pull for the Rangers but Rangers fans pull against the Mavs. And some of the reasoning is simply “basketball sucks.” I think you know where I’m going with this, and it’s ugly.

*NFL Network’s Rich Eisen was yesterday the latest to support Tony Romo as a quarterback who can win a Super Bowl. No doubt Romo gets unfair criticism in this town. On the flip side, I don’t think he deserves “credit” for deciding not to attempt to qualify for golf’s U.S. Open this summer. Just three days after the birth of his son, Hawkins, Romo was on the course playing in McKinney at Craig Ranch TPC.

*Very geeked about UFC 145 in Atlanta. Jon “Bones” Jones against his former training partner, Rashad Evans. Bones has whipped three straight former champs, but I think this will be his toughest test. Still, gimme Jones. But it might go the distance.

*You know you’re old when you bump into an old friend and she asks, “So, you going to our 30th reunion?” Ouch.



*To women’s basketball, Pat Summitt is Joan Wooden.

*The Cowboys have never had the 14th overall pick in the NFL Draft. The last five years that spot has produced: Rams’ DE Robert Quinn, Seahawks’ S Earl Thomas, Saints’ CB Malcolm Jenkins, Bears’ OT Chris Williams and Jets’ CB Darrelle Revis.

*Crazy car chase in Dallas Thursday. SWAT team, complete with an armored tank, followed the suspect through downtown. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I was disappointed when the jerk – Tenorris Duncan – simply pulled over and laid down.

*I’ve always heard that 4-20 was code for pot because it’s the police code for a marijuana call. Not so. The number actually orginated in 1971 when five friends – who called each other “Waldo” – in Point Reyes, California were searching for an abandoned pot farm. They met at downtown statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20 every day until they found the plants. True story.

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*Small, steady progress for Yu Darvish. He’s got devastating stuff. But three walks to lead off innings is a recipe for disaster. When he throws strikes, they don’t hit him. So throw strikes. Sounds simple, eh?

*Mavs’ best matchup in the first round will be the Oklahoma City Thunder. Sounds crazy, considering the 1-3 mark in the regular season and OKC’s athletic advantage. But the Thunder won one game in the season on a Kevin Durant buzzer-beating 3-pointer and another matchup when the Mavs were down four players including Jason Kidd. The Mavs can slow down OKC’s tempo. And the Thunder – unlike the Lakers and Spurs – can’t punish Dallas was a superior interior.

*Larry Brown to SMU will be a failure. But no more than Matt Doherty to SMU was.

*Props to David Murphy for agreeing to give up his No. 7 to Pudge Rodriguez and retirement. Murphy is a good player, but Pudge is the all-time best Ranger. Yes, better than Nolan Ryan, who was here only 5 years as a .500 pitcher who never made the playoffs.

*If Darius Ewing is guilty … he should burn in Hell. And a dog should light the match to his eternal furnace.

*Going to Edgefest this Sunday in Frisco: Blue October, Evanescence. Cake. Garbage. Black Keys. Bueno!

*Mike Napoli started the season 1-13 with 5 strikeouts. He has 5 homers in his last 13 at-bats. Somebody figured something out.

*One of the secret service agents who lost his job in the Colombian hooker scandal is W.T. White High School alum David Chaney. Speaking of the chick, yeah she’s hot!

*The Rangers’ starting pitchers are 9-0, first team to do that since the Yankees of Roger Clemens-Mike Mussina-David Wells-Andy Pettitte began 16-0 in ’03.

*This weekend? Today we’re at the Fan Sports Lounge for a 5-hour Mavs’ pre-game show, then over to City Hall for the vigil for “Justice,” the dog burned to death in Pleasant Grove last week. Saturday come see me at Vandergriff Honda in Arlington 10-Noon and Saturday night I’ll be at Baby Dolls Dallas for UFC 145. Sunday, in lieu of some rest, it’s off to Edgefest at Pizza Hut Park. Lotsa chances for you to not be a stranger.

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