Tyler Timms, a soldier who was killed upon returning home. (Credit: CBSDFW.com)

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – A North Texas soldier survived close calls on the battlefield only to fall victim to an unexpected danger when he returned home.

Tyler Timms served high-risk tours of duty in Iraq with an Army Ordinance Unit. He was buried Tuesday with the military honors deserving of a soldier.

But the bullet that killed the 22-year-old was fired after he got home.

“He was a special grandson and I’m going to miss him so much. He was a wonderful nephew,” says Linda Trammel, Timm’s Grandmother.

“He may have been my little brother but everyone knows he was my little big brother,” says Dustin Timms, brother. “Me and him would go out in public and I’d always feel safe.”

Timms, who attended Plano West High School, had been on leave only a few days last November when CBS 11 News interviewed him in his bed at Baylor Hospital after he awoke from a coma.

He suffered severe head injuries he and his brother were beaten outside a Forney sports bar by some men they had an altercation with earlier that night.

Two men were arrested and Timms recovered.

But his family says he no longer felt safe going out at night.

“After that accident he always said he’d make sure that nothing would happen to him again,” says Timms.

The soldier was out with some friends in San Marcos two weeks ago when a gun he was carrying for protection accidentally discharged.

“He was getting into a pickup he went to move the gun over in the seat and it misfired struck him in the head and killed him instantly,” says Trammel.

“It’s unfair; he deserved better. But God has a plan for all of us,” says Timms.

Tyler’s parents are too grief stricken to ask why.

The war veteran who planned to return overseas this summer now lies in the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery after struggling to find peace at home.