By Greggo, 105.3 The FanBy Greggo Williams

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with apologies to glenn quagmire…so josh ham has joined the twitter universe..get ready for non-stop bible verses and a lot of churchy talk…can’t wait for the fall afternoons in fort worth for TCU football..brand new shinny amon carter stadium..big 12 opponents..every reserved ticket has been snatched up…if you’re a gal named are hot..I’ve never known a broad named kim that wasn’t scorching…the roger clemens dope case is heating up..this buttock-injecting character mcnamee told a huge story..wait till rajah’s high-paid attack pit bull lawyer gets to him..he won’t know a syringe from a baseball..rog walks…how long till the crooked larry brown gets smu cagers on probation…why do public toilets flush w/ the flurry of a cyclone..yet the one at your house barely clears the bowl…more evidence on the wussification of america..swing sets are being outlawed by some school districts..what’s next?..banning red rover?… longer allowed in michigan…emmitt calls out felix..says he needs to step up…#22 is right..time for him to run the trot line..or head to shore…fla st says big 12(11) sounds intriguing..with the gators of gainesville forever dashing their sec dreams..why not?..better sems than l’ville…nba playoffs so far are tv ambein…snoozer teams…with yawner plot lines…and no one in big d gives a flying flipoid…when do you have too many caps and hats?…one dude I always wanted to I never will..local   leadfoot (thanks Blackie) carroll shelby shut it down at 89…I loved how he frustrated snooty and upidy euros when it came to horsepower and rpm’s…in a fight to the death..give me james bond over green beret rambo…007 would gadget his way to getting it done…then he’d walk away with chick…newly created phrase words…”baby mama”…”man cave”…”sports hernia”…it doesn’t get much better than KFC…so..falcons split end roddy white says “he don’t care if he can walk or talk at 50”..he’d still play on pro gridiron…clip and save nfl…mick jag hosting sat nite live?..don’t do it sir mickie..rock royalty don’t do 2nd rate boob tube shows…until next session…knock off as much trim as possible…

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