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Dez Bryant poses with the Fantasy Girls at the ‘Ballin’ With The Boys’ charity basketball game. (Photo by J.Burkett, CBSDFW.COM)

It’s no secret that Dez Bryant has a pretty ripped body. It’s also probably not surprising to find out that he measures in at an enviable 3.1 percent body fat.

What WILL probably be a surprise? The fact that this guy apparently carbs-up by shoving pizza slices and burgers down his throat!

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Dez tweeted recently, “I got my body fat checked today 3.1%” adding, “Bro i eat hamburgers and pizza all the time…I ate 5 slices of pizza from pizza hut last night lolRT.”

Meanwhile, as Dez is bouncing quarters off of his sculpted abs, it looks like one former Cowboy is probably picking quarters OUT of his alleged belly.

News of THIS most likely won’t shock Cowboys fans (who patiently waited out the “Marty B Experiment” for multiple seasons) but former Dallas tight end (and I use the word “tight” very loosely in this situation) turned New York Giant, Martellus Bennett, isn’t quite living up to expectations during the off-season.

Martellus is listed on paper at 265 pounds. However if you ask Giants tight ends coach Mike Pope – Bennett weighed in at a whopping 291 pounds to start OTA’s.  Per Pope: “That’s probably a little too big for his legs to carry.”

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You think? I’m pretty sure a team doesn’t want any of their receiving targets to also be able to double as their guard or tackle.

Anyway, the saga doesn’t stop there because all of this alleged “fat” talk led Martellus to actually hold court with reporters, SHIRTLESS, following yesterday’s Giants OTA’s to put all of the overweight rumors to rest!

Per Bennett on hearing the buzz of how “fat” he’s become,  “I was just like, that’s some bull—-, because I’m not fat or out of shape. I feel like physically I’ve always been one of the top athletes in this position, and I’m probably one of the top five strongest guys on this team right now.”

Bennett added, “I’ve been working on routes, working on everything since January 1. I never really took a day off. So my thing was just to be in the best physical shape. In this part of the off-season I’m in way better shape than I’ve ever been since I’ve been in the NFL, and I feel the best I’ve ever felt.”

No word yet on if he’s requested the team Gatorade to be deep-fried this upcoming season.

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