LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Lewisville could be the next city jumping on the no-smoking ban-wagon: The City Council is strongly considering banning lighting up in restaurants and bars.

If it ends up passing the ban, establishments like Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill would have to go cold turkey.

“That’s a bad deal,” Mike said with a freshly lit cigarette smoldering in his ashtray.

Mike is what you’d call a regular at Frankie’s. But, if he can’t smoke inside the restaurant anymore, he said he’ll take his business elsewhere.

“I’ll find another town to spend my money in,” he said.

Lewisville City Council members were hammering out details of the ordinance in a work session on the issue Monday. Councilman T.J. Gilmore supports the ban.

“It needs to happen. When we go into a restaurant and need to protect those servers. We need to protect those folks who can’t deal with it and we most importantly need to protect the public health,” he said.

Councilman John Gorena is very much against a ban.

“It’s not because I like smoking. It’s because it’s a rights issue,” he said.

And Councilman John Gorena doesn’t think it’s a city council’s right to make that decision.

“It’s up to the manager or owner, business owner to have smoking in their facility or not,” Councilman Gorena said.

Some think it’s a voter’s right.

“They should let the people decide,” a woman named Faria said. She and her dinner companion were both smoking.

If you ask the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, it’ll say people prefer non-smoking restaurants.  It’s what they’re asked for the most.

Destiny Rodriguez wishes she’d asked about Frankie’s before she went in.

“We came to eat and have a drink but I don’t know. Kind of makes you want to not want to be here,” she said making a face.

The City Council is still hammering out details. But, they scheduled another work session on it and plan to put the item on the Lewisville City Council agenda for a vote during the next council meeting July 2nd.

Anyone with anything to say about it should contact the City Council or show up to a meeting –– there’s one on every first and third Monday.