RJ Choppy for 105.3 The Fan | CBSDFW.COMBy R.J. Choppy

The Dallas Cowboys should trade Dez Bryant for Percy Harvin, NOW!

The Cowboys need to make a move with Dez. He’s got the talent, but he’s more of a headache right now, and despite his abilities NFL teams just can’t rest their future on guys who lack accountability.

Percy Harvin wants out of Minnesota. He still has 2 years left on his rookie contract, and his #s make you wish that Dez was the player he is. Lets just take a look at the numbers from last year, mind you, Dez had Tony Romo as his QB, Harvin had…Christian Ponder?

Dez                        Harvin

64           REC         87

928        YDS          967

9             TD’s         9

5            Rush Yds   345

Harvin also had a return TD to his stat line last year, something many Cowboy fans don’t even want Dez to attempt to do. Harvin is flat out a better all around player. Dez may have more upside, but as Orlando Scandrick said this past week at Mini-Camp, “potential” is a horrible word. Harvin has realized his potential much faster than Dez Bryant has, and with an actual real life QB, he could easily go over 100 Rec and 1200 Yards.

If that doesn’t scratch you where you itch, then how about the fact that despite missing practices because of migraine headaches, Harvin played in ALL 16 GAMES last year. Can Dez say that? He couldn’t get through Week 1 without having to miss the next game with a bruise. A bruise? A bruise!

Dez might be a great player someday, but I’d rather take my chances with a guy who has already shown his versatility, toughness, and healing ability that rivals Dirk Nowitzki.

Call up the Zigster, Jerry. Make the call. Make it happen!

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