NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – From Angry Birds to CBSDFW.COM there are all kinds of apps out there for your phone or tablet — and soon there could be many more options.

CBS 11 News went to a summer camp that, among other things, is teaching kids to create “an app for that.”

ID Tech Camp isn’t your typical summer camp.

“I was never into all that sports stuff and I heard gaming and I was like ‘gaming is my thing.’ So I decided to come here and make games and all that,” 10-year-old Aidan Scesny said enthusiastically.

For Aidan ID Tech Camp is more than fun, it’s giving him a competitive edge in life.

“I’ve learned that programming can be very easy if you work at it,” the young Forney resident said.

Teenager Conor Tully feels like he’s stepping up his gaming “game.”

“I learned a lot about editing and how you can make things sharper and look a lot clearer and a lot of effects,” he said.

The weeklong summer program trains kids in science, technology, engineering and math.

Lead ID Tech Camp instructor Eric Sinha said, “They’re creating programs from scratch, learning the code from beginning to finish.”

Campers learn how to create video games, smartphone apps, websites and software programs.

“I personally like teaching the software programming classes because they can almost predict what you are about to teach. They [the campers] will be like ‘is there a way to do this or that?’” Instructor Mark Meserve said.

Instructor Sinha said students are getting tech smart and book smart. “We are using the same software that you use in college, so you can take those skills you learn here and advance yourself.”

This is 15-year-old Conor’s seventh year at the camp.

“Every year I just love this camp; it’s the reason I keep coming back.”

While the kids mainly attend to have fun many are creating a career path long before they’re even old enough for college.

Kids between seven and 17 years of age can enroll in ID Tech Camp, which is at 60 universities across the country, including SMU and TCU.

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