DALLAS (CBS SPORTS) – The old get older, and better. Yahoo! Sports reports that the Boston Celtics are “in final discussions” on a deal for Dallas Mavericks free agent guard Jason Terry. And the move does not necessarily take them out of the running for Ray Allen.

Terry is a major get for the Celtics, as they continue to retool. CSN New England reports that the deal is worth $5 million per year.

Terry started to show signs of slowing down last season, but it’s not known whether that’s due to a hangover from the Mavericks’ 2011 championship celebration, the lockout, or a fluke. He’ll benefit from wide open three-pointer opportunities and give the Celtics another scoring option off the bench. He shot just 43 percent from the field last season but 38 percent from the arc. He’ll be 35 on opening night.

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