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rw whitts end Whitts End: 7.20.12

*This is gonna be short and not-so-sweet. Honestly, it’s difficult to be snarky when you awake to the news of the Colorado theater shootings. When you’re not safe at the movies, it’s a sad day for America.

*Talked to a source within the DeSoto Police Department this morning. He says that, according to one of the detectives working the case, Dez Bryant admitted to assaulting his mother when he turned himself in to the cops Monday afternoon. That would explain Dez’s silence. His lack of a statement. His sudden absence from Twitter. He did it. And he’s ashamed. At least that’s my theory.

*Rangers take a 6-game lead into this weekend’s series at the Angels. They play Anaheim 7 times in the next 11 days. How the West was won?

*Good news for Mavs fans. Dwight Howard says he won’t sign a contract extension with the Lakers – or any other team – because he plans to test free agency in the summer of 2013. So you’re saying there’s a chance?



*The Colorado theater shooter is 24-year-old James Holmes. He entered the Century 16 movies in Aurora through an exit door during the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises dressed in black riot gear, gas mask and bullet-proof vest. He carried three guns. He threw two tear-gas canisters, waited for them to detonate … and then began blindly firing at the audience. So far he has killed 12 and wounded 38. In my opinion, we should fast-forward his trial and, if guilty, execute him on live national television by sundown. I know it’s barbaric, but we’ve got to find consequences that once and for all deter these sorts of horrific acts. Aurora, by the way, is 13 miles from Littleton, Colorado, site of the 1999 Columbine High School shootings.

*Today at 3:45 on 105.3 The Fan you can meet Jackson, my 11-year-old Make-A-Wish kid. Read all about him right here.

*Mavs’ off-season moves: Collison for Kidd; Brand for Mahinmi; Mayo for Terry; Kaman for Haywood. I’d say Plan B wasn’t too bad after all.

*In case you missed it and want to see how truly dorky RAGE is, our TV commercial is right here.

*Last Wednesday I had my iPhone stolen. This Wednesday I woke up to a flat tire. Next Wednesday? Sleeping in.

*I give 72-year-old Fred Willard credit for being sexual at that age. I also don’t understand how you can commit a lewd act at a lewd joint (XXX theater) and get in trouble for it.

*This weekend? Saturday night come watch some UFC 148 – among other things – at Baby Dolls in Dallas. Sunday will be the last free Sunday before football season. Yep, NFL training camps open next weekend. Spend some time with your loved ones before you disappear for 6 months. Don’t be a stranger.

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