By Matt Goodman,

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Three of the four former TCU football players charged in February in a months-long drug investigation have received fines and probation in return for guilty pleas, Tarrant County officials said Tuesday.

David Yendry, 21, Tanner Brock, 21, and Tyler Horn, were three of 15 students arrested as part of the six-month investigation.

Yendry, who played defensive tackle, pled guilty last Friday to four charges of delivering marijuana weighing more than a quarter ounce but less than five pounds. He was sentenced to three months probation for each count, ordered to pay a $300 fine and cover any court fees.

He also pled guilty to a pair of misdemeanor charges of delivering less than a quarter ounce of marijuana and received six months deferred adjudication probation for each.

Tanner Brock, a linebacker who led the team in tackles during the Frogs’ run to the Rose Bowl in 2010, pled guilty to three charges of delivering marijuana between a quarter ounce and five pounds and received four years deferred adjudication probation on each count. He also must cover court costs and pay a $1,200 fine.

Tyler Horn, an offensive tackle, received three years deferred adjudication for pleading guilty to delivering more than a quarter ounce but less than five pounds of marijuana. He also will have to pay a $300 fine and court costs.

Deferred adjudication, Tarrant County District Attorney spokeswoman Melody McDonald says, means a conviction will not appear on their record if they adhere to the terms of probation.

McDonald said the cases were  “reviewed by veteran prosecutors who took into consideration the nature of the crime, as well as the defendants’ backgrounds, prior criminal history and whether they were good prospects for rehabilitation.”

“It is not uncommon for first time offenders to receive probation for delivery of marijuana, and these cases were handled just like every other case prosecuted by this office,” McDonald wrote in an email.

Devin Johnston, who played strong safety, is the remaining football player. He’s charged with three counts of delivering marijuana weighing more than a quarter ounce and less than five pounds.