Update 8/7 – In an earlier version of this story it was reported that Dallas County was considering aerial spraying.  Tuesday afternoon the county tweeted they were NOT considering it as a way to fight west nile.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – North Texas officials could soon change the game in the fight against West Nile virus. The Dallas County Medical Society is urging the aerial spraying to help reduce the spread of the potentially fatal virus, but other organizations are reluctant.

The Dallas County Medical Society made an appeal to Dallas County Commissioners over the matter Tuesday, but the county ultimately decided to not conduct aerial spraying.  The Dallas County Health & Human Services department says they don’t have enough information about aerial spraying to recommend to commissioners whether they should try it or not.

If the Dallas County Health and Human Services department had recommended aerial spraying,  County commissioners tell CBSDFW they might have considered it, but right now it was just the medical society adding their two cents to an issue that the county says they have under control.

The state health department has reported a higher number of West Nile virus cases than usual across Texas this year. The virus has already resulted in nine deaths across North Texas. The seventh Dallas County resident to die from the West Nile virus lived in Seagoville.

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