By Arezow Doost

WEATHERFORD (CBS 11 NEWS) – Tim Kisor stares blankly at times. He’ll tell you all he’s thinking about his brother Clayton Beauchamp.

On Tuesday, the Navy Corpsman’s family found out that he was killed after an IED went off in Afghanistan. It was the sailor’s first tour of duty.

He was working as a medic. His family says all he wanted to do after high school was to join the Navy. He wanted to follow his big brother and sister’s footsteps.

“It killed me to get that phone call. Never in my mind would have imagined,” says brother Tim Kisor “It’s still a shock to me.”

His family had just talked to him on Saturday, “We put him on speaker phone and me and my grandmother and mom and everybody talked to him we all told him we loved him,” says Kisor.

Kisor is coping and he finds himself now thinking back to all those fishing trips.

He recalls one memory, “We were out fishing and we fished all night and it was raining. My brother had a bad habit of falling asleep while we were fishing,” says Kisor as he smiles shyly, “He curled up in a rain suit and my uncle caught a big alligator gar and he flipped it up on top of him and flipped him out of the boat – scared the heck out of him.”

The Weatherford High School grad was supposed to be home in October.

Among his big plans was getting engaged to the love of his life.

“Before he left, he told everybody he couldn’t afford a ring at the time, but when he got back from Afghanistan he was going to buy her a ring and propose,” says Kisor.

Beauchamp wanted to be a paramedic after the Navy.

His older brother, who is also serving in the Navy in Afghanistan, is now escorting his body back home.

His family will remember him for his bravery and his will to serve his country.

A memorial fund is set up at the Legacy Texas Bank in Weatherford with donations made payable to Clayton Beauchamp Memorial Fund.

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