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with apologies to darrin stevens…looks like the cowboys dodged a early accounts..super tight end jason witten will be ok..and most likely ready for opening night against the new york football giants..but it just further illustrates the ridiculous concept of nfl pre-season games..there is absolutely no reason for a team to play their front line skill gain nothing for running them out for a few snaps..natta..not a damn thing..but everything to lose..those meaningless games are nothing more than a vehicle for owners to pocket easy money is to evaluate players trying to make team..playing frontline starters for a few plays is a gamble not worth risking..players are a valuable commodity..the danger outweighs the reward..ask jason witten’s spleen…seems that microsoft jillionaire billy gates is on a mission to modernize the toilet..he claims it can be improved..what a crappy waste of time…TRIVIA TIME..when is the last time the cowboys had two backs rush for over 100 yards in a game..answer down below…check out the terrific new show on nbc..”stars earning strips”’s kinda like a military fantasy camp..much shooting and blowing things up..and texas’ own mega navy SEAL chris kyle is kicking ass in it..looks like the arlington nine are back on track..putting a putrid july in the rear-view mirror..august is being next issue..what to do with face-of-the-franchise mikey young..he looks to be in decline..wash says he’s sticking with him..but with serious lost bat speed..diminished power and not knocking people around the wonder if the managers vote of confidence will last the season…locked and loaded lyrics to chew on…”i had a good friend in new york city, he never called me by name just grandpa taught me how to live off the land, and his taught him to be a businessman”…ok..something is going on at texas motor speedway..folks out there are being extremely stealth..all the sudden..”WILD ASPHALT CIRCUS” messages are popping up everywhere..i called tms admiral eddie gossage to get scoop..he replies…’i don’t know what you’re talking about’ this is the best promoter since pt barnum..and he is acting like the government saying that area 51 doesn’t exist..those racetrack guys are up to something..even admiral eddie’s top ensign kenton nelson is tight-lipped..those dudes are up to something..and i’m thinking on a mega-scale..i will continue gumshoe detective work…i already miss being in oxnard..that place is a weather paradise…for sale:…one keg of very dry powder..see mark cuban…TRIVIA ANSWER…emmitt smith and forgotten cowboy chris warren both went over the century mark against the redskins on oct 4,1998…no honey badger for the fighting tigers of’s either gigantic balls for les miles..or tremendous stupidity..seeing chad whatever-his-name is getting cut on ‘hard knocks’..that was wow! teevee…no more words for now…hoping everyone clears the sack…….

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