By Jeff Ray

Saturday we had urban flooding across the metro area, the worst of it happened in and around downtown Dallas. We had many reports of 2″-3″of rain across Dallas, Kaufman and Rockwall counties. The graphic below is update from Larry’s post last night. Again, it is difficult to read but we see a 3.54″ right in the heart of downtown.

The rain was widespread and generous, a rarity in the month of August  (over the last 30 years the average rainfall for the month is sparing 1.91″). As of this morning DFW has recorded 3.03″ of rain. Over the last three Augusts COMBINED that amount is only .25″ below that (2011: .96″, 2010: .41″, 2009: 1.91″). This is now the wettest August since 2004.

At Alliance Airport in in Fort Worth 2.59″ of rain was recorded yesterday, areas of heavy rain fell over many sections of the I-20 corridor and north.  As we mentioned in the previous post the clouds and afternoon rain made of a high of only 87 degrees yesterday at DFW. The last time the daytime high was in the 80’s was back in the early June. In fact, the last time ANY August day had such a low maximum at DFW Airport was back in late August of 2010. Just ten days ago the afternoon temperature was the highest this year so far: 108 degrees.

A weather pattern shift has kept 100 degree weather away for the last four days. There is no 100 degree weather in the forecast this coming WEEK. It’s not a given that everything is triple digit highs in the dog days of August. Though over the last two years we hit that mark or above 52 of 62 August days, it only got in triple digit highs for two days in August of 2009.


Highs today will peak around 90 degrees with mostly sunny skies.  We’ll keep the rain chances rather small, around 20% for our eastern third (and east of Dallas). A north wind will pick up this afternoon and get in the 15-20mph range. It’ll be a very nice summer day with the breeze and dewpoints in the low-60’s by end of day.

Lows tonight will get down into the upper 60’s with mostly clear skies. Monday’s high will around 90 degrees yet again teamed with a refreshing north wind. Dewpoints on Monday will only be in low 50’s.

Tuesday we run the risk again of a rain event. It appears it’ll be around in the morning hours as very light stuff. We’ll have more on this as we draw closer but if this scenario plays out highs on Tuesday will be in the 80’s again!

From Wednesday to Friday highs will return  in the low-to-mid 90’s. We’ll include a slight chance of rain for late Thursday night and Friday.