By Chief Meteorologist Larry MowryBy Larry Mowry

I had a number of people either Facebook me, tweet me or google plus me about whether we are done with the 100s.  We might be.  Let me show you the numbers and also a look at when we might get close to 100 again.

So far this year we have had 27 days with high temperatures at or above 100 degrees.

Not nearly as bad as last year when we had 71!

The average summer sees 18 days with high temperatures at or above 100 degrees.

But here is the more important statistic for whether or not we are done with the 100s… The average last date where we see 100 degrees is August 26th.  A date we are fast approaching.  And between now and then we should not threaten the century mark.

BUT, and it’s a big but… there have been 100 degree high temperatures even into October!

Below is the 10 latest 100 degree dates on record for North Texas.  As you can see last year we had a 100 degree day on Sept. 29!

Latest Last 100 Occurrence
Rank Date Temperature
1 Oct 3, 1951 106
Oct 1, 1979 102
Oct 1, 1938 101
4 Sep 29, 2011 101
Sep 28, 1953 105
Sep 28, 2005 104
7 Sep 27, 1977 101
8 Sep 25, 1931 100
Sep 20, 1954 100
Sep 20, 1937 100

But prior to last year the last 100 degree day of the year occurred on these dates.

Year                   Last 100 Degree Day

2010                  Aug 23

2009                  Aug 25

2008                  Aug 14

2007                  Aug 15


Looking at the long range models there is the chance we could get to 100 again next week.  The long range models are suggesting that the upper level ridge which brings us the hot weather in the summer may restrengthen over North Texas around Sept. 1 and the Labor Day weekend.  Here is a look at the 500 mb map on Sept. 1 at 7pm.  That big circle in over the Southern Plains is an upper level high.  That could boost temperatures to the 100s by the end of next week.

So with this I can’t say it is 100% we won’t see another 100 degree day.  But I hope you enjoy the nice cool weather we saw today.  CBS 11 STORM TEAM BLOG on Today’s Rainfall and Cool Temperatures. 

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