By Chief Meteorologist Larry MowryBy Larry Mowry

Be sure to look up tonight!  A big old full moon will be shining bright over North Texas.  This is a special full moon because it is a “Blue Moon”.  We have a Blue Moon when we have two full moons in the same month.  This happens “once in  a blue moon”.  Actually it happens about every 3 years.  The next time will be in 2015.  Moonrise this evening is around 745pm.

And while you’re looking up you’ll probably be sweating a little bit.  It was HOT today!  Officially at DFW we made it to 100 degrees.  Last time we were at 100 was back on August 14th!  This is also the 28th time this year we have made it to 100 degrees at DFW.  More 100s on the way this weekend and next week too.  This will be summer’s last gasp as a cold front will arrive in time for next weekend.  But I mentioned the threat of 100s for this weekend back on Aug. 21.

Here are a look at temperatures from 3pm today.

There are a few very isolated showers in the area this afternoon.  These are in response to Isaac still moving up thru Missouri.  Coverage will be very low and any shower will last a very short amount of time.  Isaac will bring heavy rains this weekend to the Ohio Valley.  This isn’t a bad thing as this area desperately needs rain.  But there will be some flooding threat and tornado threat.  Below is the track of Isaac thru the weekend.


First game for a lot of high schools around North Texas.  It’s going to be hot.



Whenever I hear the words “Blue Moon” I think of the song by The Marcels.  This is the doo-wop version.  Elvis along with other artists covered the song as well.  But The Marcels version is the most popular.  Do you know what year The Marcels “Blue Moon” version reached #1 on the Billboard Chart.  If so go to our CBS 11 Weather Page and make a guess.

This Evening: Very isolated showers.  Partly cloudy and hot.  Temps in the 90s.

Tonight: Partly cloudy.  Low of 79.  S 5-15 mph.

Tomorrow:  Mostly sunny and hot.  High of 100.  SW 5-15 mph.

Sunday:  Mostly sunny and hot.  High of 101.  SW 5-15 mph.

Monday (Labor Day):  Mostly sunny and hot.  High of 100.  S 5-10 mph.

Tuesday:  Mostly sunny and hot .  High of 100.  S 5-10 mph.