FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Outside Asian Nights Club in Fort Worth, cell phone video captured a struggle in the parking lot. Peter Manisavanh is believed to be the one on the ground in the upper right hand corner.

“I went to my car and they pulled me out and they started pounding on me,” Manisavanh said.

In a jailhouse interview, the 19-year-old says he was beaten several times – first by one Fort Worth Police officer then by several others. According to the police report – one officer even used a baton.

“One officer lift my head up and hit me with his fist like 3 times. I was telling him I surrender. I stop and they just kept on going. They tased me,”  Manisavanh said.

“With all use of force incidence, it will be heavily scrutinized,” said Major Paul Henderson, Fort Worth Police Department.

We showed the cell phone video to Major Paul Henderson with Fort Worth Police. He says what happened is being investigated. They’re trying to piece it all together.

“That’s one of our biggest challenges is that often times videos, cell phone videos, are only depicting use of force as it is being applied. According to the report, the officers this particular individual was very resistant and punching at the officers.” Henderson said.

Major Henderson says Manisavanh even dragged one of the officers with his car. And when the call came in from the night club, the officers were told he was armed.

Manisavanh did have a pellet gun, but it wasn’t on him.

“I’m thinking what did I do wrong for them to pound on me. What did I do?” Manisavanh said.

Manisavanh says he wanted to get away from police because he was worried about a drug charge he’s been fighting.

As for the officers involved, they are back at work until the investigation is complete.

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