FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – The Arlington strip club owner accused of plotting to kill the Mayor of Arlington entered a guilty plea today.

Ryan Walker Grant admits he tried to plan the murder of Mayor Robert Cluck and an attorney hired by the city to work on cases involving strip clubs.

“It boiled up to being very upset and mad about the way he was being treated by the City of Arlington,” said defense attorney Warren St. John after Thursday’s re-arraignment in federal court in Fort Worth.

“It happened over a year, a year and a half, over two years in terms of his frustration how he was treated,” says St. John.

Prosecutors wouldn’t comment after the hearing, but in documents filed in the case they contend Grant was angry his nightclub “Flashdancer” was closed for a year after it was deemed a nuisance by Arlington city officials.

Prosecutors with the U.S. Attorneys office outlined a plea agreement which includes a 10-year prison sentence for Grant and a $250,000 fine.

Judge John McBryde will decide on sentencing for Grant at a hearing scheduled for December 28.

Grant has been in custody since his arrest in April and remains in jail.