FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) -In 2004, Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” launched an international conversation and a trend of accepting and having confidence in your own natural beauty – regardless of your shape, weight, skin or hair color.

The ladies of the CBS daytime show “The Talk” took it one step further by hosting their season premiere without a stitch of makeup or hair help.

The bold move sent America tweeting and facebooking, in what seems to be another step toward embracing “natural” beauty.

In their season three premiere, the five co-hosts of the CBS daytime show “The Talk” went makeup free, did their own hair, donned bathrobes and introduced their guests, who all followed suit.

After actor and author, Jamie Lee Curtis lit up the screen, three of the networks most popular and glamourous soap stars emerged, stripped of makeup and contacts.

Each woman’s message: that every woman is beautiful, just the way they are.

In 2011, Dove brands released a study showing only four percent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful.

The study also showed that anxiety about looks starts young. In interviews with more than 12 hundred 10-to-17 year olds, 72% said they felt tremendous pressure to be beautiful.

In May of this year, “Vogue” magazine joined the bandwagon. Its 19 editors around the world made a pact to project the image of healthy models in the pages of “Vogue,” banning too skinny models under the age of 16.

Just last month, the notion of “reverse retouching” made headlines, when “Self,” “Cosmo,” AND “British Vogue” admitted to digitally fattening up their models to make them look larger, curvier, healthier and “more real.”

Whether “Au Natural” is a temporary trend, so one can really say. What we can share is what our real women viewers are saying on Twitters after watching “The Talk” ladies go makeup free.

@brittdtoole writes, “I love what The Talk is doing today to embrace natural beauty! ”
@monnieta tweets, “I love the no makeup look. You all look beautiful. I wish nobody wore makeup.”
@kenzie_maclean says, “Jamie Lee Curtis looks more beautiful because her confidence shines through.”
@Christy83L shared, “I think its amazing that the ladies on the talk aren’t wearing makeup. Absolutely beautiful and empowering!”