WEST HILLS (CBSDFW.COM) – Getting into college is already a challenge for many students, and now they have something else to be concerned about.

According to a nationwide survey done by Kaplan, top colleges around the country have admitted to using social networking sites to assess prospective students.

17 year old Emily Caramelli  of West Hills said, “I definitely know colleges are getting online and looking at your social media because that’s what’s out there.”

Caramelli is among the growing number of college-bound students who say their online reputation could be at stake when it comes to applying for college.

“I’ve heard horror stories about someone saying they see them with a drink in their hand and not accepting them,” said Caramelli. “Because I don’t think that is fair and I don’t want to put myself in that position.”

Kaplan, who provides test prep and admissions help to students– Asked 320 college admissions officers, and found that ten percent admitted to using social media for college entrance review.

Such companies as Experian Safetyweb  have taken notice.

“Students today have so many obstacles getting into college. Their social media profile shouldn’t be one of those obstacles,” said Ken Chaplin Senior VP of Marketing of Experian Safetyweb. He goes on to say that there’s more to be said when it comes to a student’s online reputation.

And college bound Caramelli knows it’s important to maintain her reputation.

“I try to keep everything online really clean and appropriate. I always try to say what if my grandmother saw this… How would she feel.”

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