RICHARDSON (CBS 11 NEWS) – Melissa Fierro says she didn’t need to be asked not to text and drive. As she watched a documentary produced by AT&T, for a campaign called “It Can Wait”, Fierro was reminded of the loss of a friend two years ago.

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“He was kind of like my crush,” she said with tears in her eyes.

Volunteering AT&T employes went to Richardson High School Wednesday to introduce junior and senior students to the no texting campaign, that includes emotional testimonials from people who have lost loved ones because of texting while driving.

“All of the decisions we make, small ones like reaching for a phone, can have very large consequences,” volunteer Peter Heldman said.

Jakory Clark, a senior at Richardson High, reacted emotionally to the portion of the documentary that explains how a high school senior died while texting on the day before graduation.

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“Most people text and drive, like my mom she texts and drives,” Clark admitted. “Just to see her text and drive I think that could be her next time, or it could be me next time, or it could be my aunt next time… my sister next time.”

All of the students who attended the Wednesday morning presentation said they will pledge not to text and drive.

The youngsters, many of whom are in the process of getting their first drivers license, are also being urged to ask their friends and parents to take the pledge as well.

Click here to find out more about the No Text On Board – It Can Wait campaign.

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