By Stephanie Lucero

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The City of Dallas is taking big steps toward a new goal this week, one that aims to make local neighborhood streets more friendly for all types of travelers. It is called the ‘Complete Streets’ initiative and, while it is now only starting with Knox Street, it could result in a changing landscape across the entire city.

The goal of the ‘Complete Streets’ project is to make area roads more appealing to a wider variety of people — cars, bicycles, pedestrians and public transportation. The idea is to build safer, more livable roads that will attract more traffic, more businesses and more shoppers. However, this whole process involves changing the design of the roads to create designated areas for each type of traveler.

The project will begin Thursday with Knox Street in Dallas, set to be the first test in the ‘Complete Streets’ initiative. If the test is successful, the city has already pegged a handful of other roads that could be the next to be redone.

  • Henderson Avenue, between Belmont Avenue and Ross Avenue
  • Jefferson Street in Oak Cliff
  • Main Street in Deep Ellum
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in south Dallas
  • Greenville Avenue, between Belmont Avenue and Ross Avenue
  • Alpha Road, between the Valley View Center and the Galleria Dallas

Dallas city officials are holding an open house on Thursday at City Hall, with a demonstration on Knox Street, to give citizens a better idea of what a ‘complete street’ would look like when one is finished. That includes designated room for bicyclists and angled parking spots for vehicles. Afterward, the city is hoping to get feedback from the community.

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