FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Have Texans lost their twang? A study out of the University of Texas called the Texas English Project is trying to answer that. We asked some North Texans what they think about it.

Andy Anderson of Fort Worth says, “I think Texans have lost their twang. If you really want to hear the twang, you have to go out to Johnson County, Wise County.”

Charla Corn, also of Fort Worth, says, “I don’t know that I have that much of a twang, but I don’t think people have lost their twang.”

Paul Mohtares, who has lived in Texas for 33 years, says “ When I first moved here it was a big deal if you didn’t have the Texan twang you were an outsider or a Yankee. And now its odd if you do hear a Texas Twang.”

According to the study, urbanization, technology and the influx of newcomers are all contributing to the erosion of the Texas twang.

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