By Jack Fink

McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – For nearly 50 years, Sam Hendrix says he has called the Southward Mobile Home Park in McKinney home.‬  “I’ve lived here since 1963.”

But the 88 year old World War II veteran will soon have to move out, and leave behind the memories he shared with his wife. “My wife passed away — 16 years ago.” ‬

Hendrix is being kicked out of the trailer park.‬

The problem began when raw sewage overflowed right behind his trailer.‬ “It stinks,” he said. ‬

So he says he had to sleep on his sofa in the living room.‬  His bedroom was off limits.‬. “All the mess was right outside these windows. I tried to sleep right here, but it was impossible.”

He says he repeatedly called the property manager to fix it, but never heard back.‬  So Hendrix reported it to the city of McKinney.‬

He thought the problem was solved when the property manager fixed the leak.‬  Three weeks later, Hendrix received this notice terminating his lease– and must move out be out by December 1.‬

“Everything I own is right here,” says Hendrix, “I think they have the right to do whatever they want to. But it’s sure hard on me.” ‬

So what does the property manager, Charles Ingle have to say about all this?‬  He and his boss told CBS 11 they’re simply exercising their right to terminate Hendrix’s lease. They describe his behavior as  antagonistic, aggressive, even ‘abusive’ towards staff.‬

Ingle acknowledges the sewer lines occasionally get clogged and overflow.  He claims he never received a call from Hendrix three weeks ago to fix the problem.

Ingle also says since they decided to terminate Hendrix’s lease, there’s been a complaint about the sewer line nearly everyday.

Hendrix, though, says he knows nothing about that.

Ed Neal, the pastor at Midway Baptist Church, where Hendrix attends, and a fellow member, Larry McEntire are outraged.‬

“He’s so sweet,” says McEntire” He’d be the last person on the planet you’d want to do this to.”

Pastor Neal says, “I think they ought to send him a letter, say ‘Sam, we are backing off asking you to leave.'”

Hendrix has just one wish.‬ “Just leave me alone and let me live out my life.”

He says he’s sure he’d be invited to stay with his granchildren, but he says he doesn’t want to be a burden.

For now, he doesn’t know where he’ll live.

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