‪DALLAS- The man arrested for shooting a Dallas Police officer in a scuffle at a Northeast Dallas apartment complex told CBS11 he doesn’t remember shooting the officer.‬

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‪Jason Yarborough, 31, walked into the jail house interview on crutches, saying he’d been shot, but wouldn’t say how he received his injury.‬

‪Tuesday morning, off duty Dallas police officer Sr. Cpl. Matthew Wagner and Sgt. Rodney Choate were working a security shift at the Wildflower Apartments when they spotted Yarborough and a friend inside a van, parked at the complex. Police said the fact that Yarborough had binoculars and a police scanner was suspicious.

‪When officers asked him to get out of the vehicle for a pat down, Yarborough pulled out a gun and fired twice, hitting Sr. Cpl. Wagner in the arm and thigh.‬

‪”I don’t remember a whole lot of it. I just remember getting yanked out of a car and some guns shots, and I woke up on a roof top‬,” Yarborough said.

Yarborough fired a third shot, that lodged into a parked car before he ran off on foot, leaving his shoes and gun behind at the crime scene, police said.

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The gun had been reported stolen out of Red Oak, where Yarborough lives, according to police.

After finding Yarborough’s fingerprints on the .40 caliber gun found at the scene, U.S. Marshalls arrested him at a motel in Arlington later that night.

‪”I don’t really remember everything. I just know I was laying in hotel room and they came and they were telling me to come out. That’s all I really remember,” he said.

During the exclusive interview with CBS11, Yarborough exhibited bizarre behavior, including pretending to doze off during certain questions.

‪Yarborough did, however, admit that he was high on drugs during the incident.

‪”I was on methamphetamines and marijuana,” he said.

But he showed no remorse for the officers injuries, “I think it’s bad. I guess‬,” he said.

Yarborough remains in the Dallas County jail without bond. During the shooting incident, he was violating his parole for another offense.

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Sr. Cpl. Wagner remains in a Dallas hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.