NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Black Friday is still more than three days away, but some people in west Dallas have already set up tents in front of a Best Buy store. The question is “why?”

They’re not alone, camp-outs are happening all across the country. Lakisha Smith of Lancaster has been ready for Black Friday at a Best Buy in West Dallas since Sunday. She said, “This year, I said, ‘I’m going to be first.’ It’s so much excitement being number one you know.”

Smith, a stay at home mom with five boys, ages six to 16, set up a tent to ensure victory, which only goes to show Black Friday has become the Super Bowl of shopping.

Rhonda Harper, a consumer expert in Dallas, said, “At first it was just trying to find the deals. But then, becoming cheap became chic. And now, it’s all about the game.”

Call it “Survivor” for shoppers. “It’s not just about shopping. It’s about hunting,” Harper said. “You got the deal on the television. Let me tell you the deal I got.”

Stores are in on the competition too, with each other. David Grover is the manager at the Best Buy, near North Cockrell Hill Road where Smith is camping out. “It’s a big ad for Best Buy this year. And, we’re taking no prisoners. So, lots of good stuff,” he said.

And, Black Friday has now an all-inclusive sport with shoppers who are still on the sidelines getting updates through social media. Smith updated her status on Facebook. “I just put in, ‘Hey, I’m firstin line at Best Buy!'” She’s expecting some big trophies and a story to tell about how she got them. “It’s so much fun to be out here. People be like, “You’re crazy. You’re crazy. Well, I’m crazy having fun. Still laughing.”

Black Friday is also about strategy. Customers at Best Buy can buy as many regular priced items as they like, but they will only be given one purchase ticket per sale item.

Once the doors open, Lakisha’s family or “team” plans to fan out to try and help ensure they get every item they want.

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