WESTLAKE (CBS 11 NEWS) – Homeowners near Keller in the small town of Westlake are on alert.

A rash of break-ins around two gated neighborhoods has everyone on edge.

Keller police say over the Thanksgiving Holiday, thieves made their way past gates and a guard station into the neighborhoods.

They hit at least 10 homes and swiped jewelry and cash.

“Someone kicked in my door and stepped through the door, didn’t set off the burglar alarm because we did not have a glass break sensor at the time,” explains Hugh Gwynn.

His family got a call while in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The thieves pulled a safe out of their closet and stole everything inside.

“Shocked us,” says Gwynn. “Clearly our neighborhood was targeted.”

The gates and even cameras at the entrance of the neighborhood didn’t scare the thieves.

Keller Police Chief Mark Hafner says that crooks breaking glass and walking right in has become a growing trend.

His advice is to upgrade your security system, “There are many upgrades available today to include glass breakage and motion detection,” says Chief Hafner. “Also, team up with your neighbors and tell them you will be away for the weekend or a few days, so they can watch your house.”

Chief Hafner says if you are out of town keep your lights on and make sure you’ve stopped your mail for a few days.

Also he says, “Report suspicious activity. Neighbors helping neighbors and being watchful gives us another 40,000 eyes.”

The Keller Police Department will also check homes if residents are out of town.

Homeowners have to fill out a vacation house watch check form with the department and an officer will be sent to check the home at least once a day.

The Gwynns hope the thieve are caught soon.

“We have boosted our alarm system significantly,” says Gwynn. “I’ve been gun shopping.”

If you have any information about the break-ins call Keller police at 817-743-4522.

There is also a meeting for neighbors 7 p.m. Tuesday night at the Westlake Town Hall.

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