By Bud Gillett

MURPHY (CBSDFW.COM) – Scores of law enforcement officers took over late-model home this morning in Murphy in a raid that appears to be drug-related.

It happened in the 300 block of Oakhurst Drive.   Late this afternoon a young woman got out of a taxi at the home and later could be seen leaving with suitcases packed.  She declined to be interviewed about what happened, saying it wasn’t her problem and she wasn’t going to talk about it.

But a source tells CBS 11 News it was one of mutiple raids organized by the DEA.  Stunned neighbors could hear the “dynamic entry” blocks away.

“And then I saw the police SWAT asking for people to come out of the house. and then we heard a “‘boom.'”   Maria Michel says the Glendridge Estates neighborhood had been a quiet one for years—up until this morning.

Another neighbor, Jim Morgan, heard the blast.  “There was an explosion…and actually at that time I thought it was a car hitting a car.”   But when Morgan looked out into his front yard, all he saw was a sea of uniforms.   “There must’ve been 50-75 police plus a SWAT team; and there were two young men sitting on the curb handcuffed.”

Michel claims she actually saw three people in custody.  “Then three people came out of the house. two males and one female,” she said.  No one answered when I tried the door later in the morning. At the time of the entry, a Dallas Police SWAT team was seen assisting, along with Murphy Police to handle traffic. They referred me to the Drug Enforcement Administration for background. But none of the agencies—including the DEA—would comment on exactly what happened here and why. Neighbors I talked to don’t want to see drugs get a foothold here.

Whoever was picked up at the house and what their status is…is not a matter of public record at the time of this posting.