HURST (CBS 11 NEWS) – By now you’ve probably seen the video of a Hurst police officer tackling a teenager who appears to already be subdued.

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New dash cam video from police cruisers allows us to hear what happened in the moments leading up to the arrest and will likely play a role in the department’s internal investigation.

On November 20, Officer Disraeli Arnold was rushing to provide backup for Officer Miguel Jimenez, who had stopped four teens at a local park.

But one of the teens, Andrew Rodriguez, apparently had some prior warrants his family says he didn’t know he had.

While he and the others were being questioned by Officer Jimenez because police tell us they looked suspicious, the tape indicates Rodriguez tried to use his phone.

OFFICER JIMENEZ: Hey, stay off your phone.


JIMENEZ: Because you can’t be on your phone.

RODRIGUEZ: Yeah, I can.

JIMENEZ: You want me to take that phone for you or you want to hang it up?

RODRIGUEZ: You’re not going to take it.

JIMENEZ: Oh, I’m going to take it. I guarantee you I’m going to take it. (unintelligible struggle “You call your mom)

RODRIGUEZ: I’m at Bellaire Park right now, these cops are harassing me. Don’t touch me, ____.

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JIMENEZ: You’ve got warrants out.

RODRIGUEZ: Don’t touch me.

Police say Rodriguez pushed the officer, who called for backup.

RODRIGUEZ: I’m not resisting, he just won’t leave me alone to call my mom.

JIMENEZ TO RADIO: Hurry up, I have him on the ground.

The officer pinned Rodriguez to the ground and tried to handcuff him.

JIMENEZ TO RODRIGUEZ: Move your other hand

That’s when Officer Arnold arrived, and by this time one of the other teens was recording the arrest that was posted on YouTube.

Rodriguez was arrested for the warrants, for obstructing a police officer, and for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Just yesterday, he filed a formal complaint against the department and spoke for the first time. “I’d like to thank everybody who’s helped me and my family through Facebook and Twitter, and everybody else here, thank you very much.”

Supervisors said they cannot condone the language he used in the arrest.

Earlier this week, assistant police chief Steve Niekamp told reporters, “It’s something we can’t help but be embarrassed, not only for us but for anyone in law enforcement.” Officer Arnold, meantime, is on paid administrative leave until an internal affairs investigation of his conduct is completed.

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