DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – There are more questions about the Dallas 911 system, after it took police more than an hour to respond to bullets fired through the window of an office building off Central Expressway.

Attorney Pete Schulte still doesn’t know who fired at least two rounds into his sixth floor window Friday afternoon. But he says he made it clear during his call to 911 that he needed immediate assistance.

“I was excited, someone just shot out my window, I don’t know if they’re still out there. And we need the police.”

Schulte is still waiting on a formal police department explanation for the delayed police response, but he has an idea of what happened.

“I think something happened at the dispatch center, and more than one person told me that. Responding officers and a detective I talked to over the weekend, and again apologizing that the call got coded wrong.”

Attorney Schulte says the police who finally responded to the call told him the shooting at his office had been classified as “criminal mischief” call, which is considered a lower priority for police.

He believes his 911 call should have been classified as the highest priority.

The Dallas Police Department has so far not made any specific statements regarding Schulte’s call or how the shooting incident was categorized for police response.

This is the latest in a string of mishandled calls into the 911 system, including the non-response to a drug overdose call from a North Dallas apartment unit in November.

In that case, an emergency crew was already at the complex on another case, when a second call came in. First responders were told the second call was related to the first and never checked it out. The man in the overdose call died.

This summer, a Dallas woman died after calling 911 to report her estranged husband was assaulting her. Police responded to the call 50 minutes later but never entered Deanna Cook’s home, when they got no answer. Her family found her dead inside two days later. Her ex-husband was arrested for her murder.

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