By Andrea Lucia

ARLINGTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – As temperatures hover near freezing, the family of 82 year old Maria Arrocha bundle up and head out the door, searching for her.

Day after day, for more than a week now, they’ve walked the streets, handing out flyers.

“It’s really hard because I think about her and I get real sad about it,” said Veronica Arrocha, 9, her granddaughter.

On December 18th, Maria Arrocha walked out the door of the home she shares with her daughter, near the intersection of New York Avenue and E Park Row Drive in east Arlington.

Neither family nor police have seen her since.

According to her family, Arrocha suffers from Alzheimer’s and needs medication.

“Sometimes, she’s very confused,” said her daughter, San Juana Gutierrez.

The cold weather has only made the sense of urgency greater.

Arrocha, the family says, left the house barefoot.

The thought of her caught out in the cold is almost too much to bear.

“Because we don’t know where she is. If she has a blanket to cover her or a jacket,” said Gutierrez.

Arrocha was last seen wearing beige pants and a long sleeve black sweater with a red bird on it.

Anyone with information is asked to call Arlington Police.

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