DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Possible wrongdoings by Dallas Independent School District (DISD) leaders are highlighted in the latest version of an internal audit.

The report, which will be up for review at a meeting taking place Thursday, raises questions about hiring practices and moving expenses.

It was nothing short of a public perception nightmare for the man touted to re-energize and reform the Dallas public school system. Early into his tenure Superintendent Mike Miles let it be known he wasn’t pleased with details leaked from an ongoing audit.

Back in December he said, “We cannot have the audit commission that is unlimited in scope and then have that incomplete and error filled report brought to a public meeting. We also cannot have the audit be a witch hunt and ambush.”

Part of the audit focused on Miles’ hiring actions — specifically job offers to 18 people, prior to his officially taking the position.

The report found the following: consultant contracts were issued to three people, totaling $9,000, without providing details of the services those individuals would provide the school district.

Auditors questioned a moving expense report from Miles recruited executive director Dora Sauceda. A reimbursement claim of $4,000 was challenged. Sauceda resigned.

Two additional people hired by Miles received a total of $8,000 in moving expense reimbursements, without any contractual approval for those payments.

In all, seven school district policy violations were cited in the audit.

On Tuesday school board president Lew Blackburn said the audit shows compliance problems, but, in his words, “nothing terribly bad”. Blackburn also said he expects the district to move forward with Miles as its leader.

Superintendent Miles declined comment on the audit report that will be formally presented to the school board on January 10.

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