FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Schools, businesses, and restaurants are taking extra steps to stop the spread of the flu.

At Mamma Mia’s Italian Grill everything is sanitized from tables to chairs to menus. The restaurant is near a Fort Worth hospital, which caters to doctors, nurses and patients who could be carrying the flu virus.

Customer Sherri Justice recognizes the high potential for the flu bug to spread in places like restaurants, where several people touch the same items over and over.

“So if they’re not cleaning and sanitizing after every individual person then the epidemic is going to be just that an epidemic. It’s going to spread easily,” she says.

Nick Beqiri, Mamma Mia’s owner, is trying to be proactive to prevent the spread of the flu.  He says no employees have called in sick this flu season, and he thinks it’s because of the precautions they are taking.

(credit: CBS 11 News)

(credit: CBS 11 News)

In Frisco, at a Posado’s restaurant, employees that show any sign of sickness are taken off the schedule until they are well again.

“We let them know stay at home, go to the doctor,” says manager, Rafael Rangel.

Inside the restaurant, hand sanitizer is the first and second thing customers see.

“We have another one, just in case, the people miss this one. We have another one,” points out Rangel.

Customers seem to appreciate the effort to stop the spread of flu germs.

“I love the sanitizer at the front and I think it’s great for the workers you know because they handle cash and they might handle my food,” says customer Linda Tipton.

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