DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Pop quiz: What’s more important? A social life or good grades?

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If you picked good grades, you’re wrong.

A study out of Australia found it’s actually more important for kids to make friends at a young age. That will lead more to adult happiness then straight A’s. Researchers followed more than 800 kids over a 32-year period to reach the conclusion.

Plano mom Carol Margolis isn’t surprised by the results.

“The grades can make you crazy if you spend all your efforts focusing on that,” says Margolis.

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Margolis encourages her son and daughter to do well in school, but she has other expectations as well.

Her son Blake is active in Boy Scouts and music while her daughter Cami is into acting and athletics.

Dr. Sarah Hill, a psychology professor at Texas Christian University, says studying is important but so is socializing with friends and family.

She says the social skills you learn as a child go with you into adulthood. And they could help you land a job, not a 4.0 GPA.

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