DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – It was another chilly day for some Dallas Independent School District students inside their classrooms.

The heat has been out at two elementary schools for at least three days.

Yadira Benitez has two children who attend Lenore K. Hall Elementary School. She didn’t even know there was a problem.

“They usually send a paper with the kids if there’s a problem going on. But I didn’t receive anything. So I didn’t know,” she said.

DISD School Board President Lew Blackburn, who visited Hall elementary school in the morning, said, he was most concerned about the heat problems in the back of the building where the youngest children in kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classrooms.

Margarita Lopez’s daughter is in Pre-K.

“I have to dress up her a lot, so this morning I had to bring a heater for her,” Lopez said.

Same problem with the heat at Margaret B. Henderson Elementary – where the heat hasn’t worked since Monday.

The district brought in portable heaters for that school.

Gloria Ortega was worried about her two grandchildren.

“They didn’t come yesterday because of that. They cannot miss too many days. So, that’s why we brought them,” said Ortega.

No word on the problem at Henderson, only that it could take time to fix.

At Hall, Blackburn said there was a problem with connectors between the old system and the new.

DISD said it started yesterday.

Margarita Lopez said the principal told her it started two weeks ago.

“Yes ma’am. For two weeks,” she said.

Lopez said she found out about the problems from visiting with the principal Monday.

“I tell them it’s better outside than it is inside,” Lopez said.

Thursday should be warmer inside at least at one of the chilly schools. DISD says, the heat problem at Hall has been resolved.

DISD says they’ll have heaters at Henderson elementary school again tomorrow.

The district is not in favor of cancelling classes due to cold classrooms.

If worse came to worse, they say they would temporarily move students to another school.

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