NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – If you receive an email from the Better Business Bureau, you better make sure it’s authentic. Officials with one North Texas BBB say they are monitoring three separate email phishing campaigns, all-pretending to be from the Bureau.

“These are phony emails that claim to be from the BBB and they want you to click on a link or open an attachment and if you do then you could get some malware [malicious software] that would harm your computer or steal your personal information,” explained the Dallas Better Business Bureau spokeswoman Jeannette Kopko.

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Each campaign claims that there is a complaint that needs attention by the recipient. In reality the email contains malware with one purpose.

“Like any phishing scam it’s aimed at stealing personal information or getting money from you and that’s why you want to very cautious with emails that don’t appear that they’re from who they claim to be,” Kopko urged. “You don’t want to click on links or open attachments unless you know who they’re from.”

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The current phishing scams are disguising themselves as reputable organizations for good reason. They’re sending the emails to huge numbers of individuals and can ultimately be profitable for the scammers if just a few people fall for it.

Kopko said, “They using the good name of the BBB to try to get your confidence and get your attention so that you’re looking at it, wondering what’s going on, and you’re maybe willing to take a chance and click on that link or open that attachment – even though your instinct might be telling you not to.”

BBB officials say it’s very important the phishing recipients and victims contact the Bureau directly if you receive any type of the emails.  Individuals can determine if the emails are authentic and if they aren’t BBB workers can gather information that might help determine their origin and catch the cyberthieves.

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