By J.D. Miles

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – One of the newer smartphone options, designed to make driving safer, may not actually help.

Dallas resident, Lauralee Gunby, who uses voice-activated texting behind the wheel says she does it for convenience.

“I’ve been using it more and more often now just because I get lazy,” she says.

It seems logical that typing out a text would distract a driver more than speaking one.   However, a new study shows voice-activated texting may make drivers even more dangerous behind the wheel.  The research, from Virginia Tech, found voice controlled messaging “resulted in higher mental demand, more frequent and longer glances away from the roadway.”

Dallas driver, Rhoni Golden, says the study makes sense.

“You’re still going to want to look down and see if it was right. You’ll probably see something that was incorrect and re-type it.  So you’re probably going to spend more time.”

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