by J.D. Miles & Angela MartinBy J.D. Miles

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Sexy pictures, taken for private purposes, are finding their way online.

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The website, described as a revenge porn site, is posting explicit photos submitted by men seeking revenge on their ex-girlfriends.

But a group of Texas women may get the last laugh, after filing a lawsuit against the site.

Hollie Toups, 32, says she “stopped breathing for awhile” when she found semi-nude pictures of herself on the site.  Toups went from being a modest teacher’s aide in Beaumont to an unintended porn star, after an ex-boyfriend posted explicit photos along with personal information.

“I was at a store one day and somebody was like hey you’re the girl from that website,” says Toups.

Toups and 25 other women are suing the website and its owner, who has a fictitious address in Richardson.

“I am very confident I will find that person,” says John S. Morgan, plaintiff’s attorney. “It really touched my heart the amount of emotional devastation every one of these women have suffered.”

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The lawsuit comes after the women say the website refused to remove the photos unless they paid a fee.

“I thought that was outrageous that they had to gall to ask me to do that,” says Toups.

It’s not hard to track down unsuspecting women who had nude and sexually explicit photos through Facebook and other social media.

CBS 11 News found dozens of women in North Texas on the site, and one who says her father alerted her she was a revenge porn victim.

“It was humiliating I didn’t want to go anywhere I started questioning people’s politeness was it genuine how are you doing or was it in the back of your mind I saw you on that site,” says Toups.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Local attorney Victor Johnson says the lawsuit could be difficult to pursue if website’s operator can prove its a bulletin board and that they have no control over the content.

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