UNIVERSITY PARK (CBS 11 NEWS) – Jon Langbert is busy in the kitchen getting sandwiches together for his three kids.

He’s long believed in progress, and Monday afternoon he says “I think it’s a great step in the right direction,” after hearing that Boy Scouts of America could end 100 years of tradition next week.

Langbert used to be a cub scout leader.

More than two years ago, the University Park father was booted out of his son, Carter’s pack, because he’s gay.

He was organizing a popcorn fundraiser, and he says he was told that he could no longer hold a leadership position.

“They told me I could not be popcorn colonel and I could not wear the scouting leadership shirt that scouts had given me the prior year,” says Langbert.

Carter soon dropped out.

“Scouting has so many positive attributes. I would have really liked to continued and gone on more of the camp outs and do more of the activities,” explains Langbert.

He says it’s time the Boy Scouts lifts the ban on gay members and leaders and for the first time in a century, the organization is talking about it.

The organization could make a decision as early as next week.

“Back in the early 80’s, I was a member of the scouts,” says Johnny Humphrey who is a former Boy Scout.

Humphrey works for Resource Center Dallas an organization which helps the gay and lesbian community.

“It’s important for me to see an organization that I was a part of make an important decision like this to be open and accepting of good people,” explains Humphrey.

For Jon, if his son wanted to go back he wouldn’t think twice.

He’s grateful progress though slow is being made.

“It’s the American way. Things take time to change, and it’s nice to see it’s slowly but surely coming around,” says Langbert. “Scouting has such great underlying values and activities. Things you don’t get in a lot of organizations.”

Not everyone thinks lifting the ban is a good idea.

Some people think the Boy Scouts are being bullied and the organization is bowing down to special interest groups.

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