DETROIT (CBS SPORTS) – Appearing at a Professional Bowling Association event in Detroit on Sunday, ex-NFL wide receiver and former Dallas Cowboys player Terrell Owens had some advice for Lions receiver Titus Young.

Young received criticism last week after both declaring himself unselfish and, in the same breath, saying he doesn’t want to play if he isn’t going to get the ball.

Owens, owner of the PBA Tour’s Dallas Strikers, was on hand to roll out the ceremonial first ball. Afterwards he was frank, telling the Detroit News that Young needs to “know his role.” “He has to understand that Calvin [Johnson] is the No. 1 receiver, and being the No. 2 receiver, you have to go with the flow of the offense and when your time comes, make the plays,” Owens said.

If there’s one person ill-equipped to dole out advice on not being selfish, it’s T.O. Still, it makes sense.

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