FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – It looks like a big RV, but it’s actually a mobile eye exam unit providing hundreds of free exams and glasses to needy children.

The Kids Vision Fest is being held at the Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus, in downtown Fort Worth.

Dr. Howard Purcell said they expect to examine some 2,000 kids from low-income families. “So the reality is free glasses, free eye exams for kids who are in need. And really you can imagine, without having good vision it makes a huge difference in your ability to perform and reach your true potential.”

The mobile eye exam unit is capable of doing a lot of things generally only accomplished at a doctor’s office. “Not only can we do eye exams in there, and comprehensive full eye exams; we actually have the ability to edge, cut and make glasses,” Dr. Purcell said of the vehicle. “The kids will pick out their frames right on the spot. In some cases actually the glasses can be made right on the spot.”

Doctors say kids across North Texas are struggling in school because of vision issues that no one knows about. “It’s hard for parents sometimes. It isn’t always real obvious when your child is having a vision problem,” Dr. Purcell said.

According to Dr. Purcell, one in four children in our community have vision deficits that are not being treated. So Kids Vision for Life is trying to help meet a need and do it in a kid friendly way offering, “Kinda cool glasses, not just beat up old glasses. These kids are gonna be able to have some really cool, nice glasses to wear.”

The Alcon Foundation and the Essilor Vision Foundation fund Kids Vision Fest.

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