DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The Dallas man, accused of killing his two neighbors over an argument about dog droppings now claims it was self-defense.

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75-year-old Chung Kim admits the shooting started with a long standing argument over dog droppings. He says when his upstairs neighbors washed their patio the urine and feces would stream down to his.

“That’s all come down from my patio, from up patio. But now, three months later so stink,” he said.

But Chung Kim claims it was his neighbor who was the one who pulled a gun.

“Before he pull trigger, I got him!” Kim said from his jail cell.

Kim demonstrated how he wrestled the gun away from his neighbor using his expertise in martial arts.

“I hit him in his gun. And pushed his arm. And, I take his gun. And with my elbow knock him down,” he said.

Kim says he confronted Jamie Stafford downstairs. When, Stafford went back up, Kim says he called after him.

“I call, ‘Hey stop. Stop. And he go up. He say wait.’ And, he come back. Threw gun onto my head,” Kim said. The police affidavit describes something completely different. It says, around 8 o’clock Monday morning, Chung Kim shot Michelle Jackson while she was standing on her balcony.

Then, he went into her upstairs apartment and shot Jamie Stafford.

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Kim says he shot the man in self defense but not the woman – at all.


Kim Chung: I shoot him.
Carol Cavazos: But she was shot too.
Kim Chung: I know.
Carol Cavazos: Who shot her?
Who shot her?
Kim Chung: I don’t know. I don’t know.
Carol Cavazos: They say you shot her.
Kim Chung: No, I don’t think so.

He describes having a blackout.

“I saw him. I don’t remember. At this time, My brain is gone. After this, I don’t know,” he said.

The couple killed had five children. The four oldest have been placed with relatives. The newborn will be placed with a relative soon.

Verneashia Allen, Michelle Jackson’s best friend of more than 25 years, said the couple would never have a gun in a two bedroom apartment with five children who lived there.

Allen also says Jackson was doing her best to repair relations with Chung Kim and thought they had already made progress.

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