FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Do you know your blood type?

Some health practitioners say it’s important to know your blood type because foods can react differently depending on what’s running through your veins.

Donna Boutwell is one of them. “People get accustomed to not paying attention their body,” says Boutwell.

She says some foods can cause illness while other foods act as medicine.

In fact, Boutwell claims snoring, sleep apnea, Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia and even chronic fatigue eliminated using the blood type diet.

For some, it can seem restrictive. For example, if you are AB negative, you’re not supposed to eat chicken. If you have A as your blood type, you’re supposed to steer clear of beef.

The blood type diet claims even mood can be determined by your blood group and what you eat.

For fun, we took Boutwell out to the Fort Worth Stock and Rodeo Show to diagnose random people based on blood type.

There we met Cheryl Burnett, who has one of the rarest blood types, O negative. Boutwell peppered Burnett with questions.

Boutwell: Do you like to be with people?
Burnett: Yes
Boutwell: Do you like to travel.
Burnett: Not as much as I would like to.
Boutwell: Do you have road rage?
Burnett: No.
Boutwell:Would you tell us?
Burnett: No!
Boutwell: Thats an O trait. When O’s get so hungry they should be cautious with the dairy go to that meat. It’s an 8 servings per week for O negative.

Although our experiment was far from scientific, Boutwell says you can tell a lot about a person by their blood type.

“A’s are more calm,” says Boutwell. “If they eat too much meat, they’re over here taking a nap. While B can look at a situation and see the solution where other people can’t see it. Milk is very good for them.”

So is the blood type diet the real deal or baloney?

Many in the medical community believe the latter.

Doctor Bradley Jones is among them. He says the blood type diet is just another fad.

“There’s a book out there,” says Jones, “that claims you should eat for your blood type…But most of the doctors in the world and most of the critics would say there’s just not enough scientific evidence to support that assertion.”

Boutwell counters– don’t knock it till you try it.

She says start with just getting rid of one food that doesn’t work for your blood type.

Of course, talk with your doctor before you try any new diet.

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