Arlington ISD

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The Arlington Independent School District is opening up the campus transfer process. The board of trustees voted to open most schools to transfers for students inside and outside district boundaries.

“If the families that feel our school district is the right fit for them then they could certainly make that choice,” district spokeswoman Amy Casas explained. “So, we could potentially pick up students from other districts.”

Arlington administrators say the change offers students more flexibility when it comes to receiving a quality education. Leaders also stress that the decision on the part of the district was not made lightly.

“This is all being done very carefully,” Casas said. “It’s not gonna be something where we’re gonna be adding additional portable buildings to accommodate these students or we’re gonna be hiring additional teaching staff.”

Anyone requesting a transfer must live within the Arlington city limits.

Preferential treatment will be given to students who actually live within the AISD, meaning students residing in areas not zoned to attend Arlington schools will only be considered after in-district requests have been granted.

The change could attract students currently attending Mansfield schools. “There’s an interest from people obviously that live inside the city limits of Arlington to have their kids attend our schools, and we also have the ability to accommodate those students,” Casas said.

In addition to the campus options, parents will no longer have to pay the customary $1800 yearly tuition, but a $100 transfer fee will apply.

While requests for transfers won’t be accepted until March 2, parents can start camping out for a spot in line beginning February 25. Space is being made in the east parking of the AISD Administration Building. But space isn’t free – camping permits will be issued when a $50 fee is paid.

Transfer requests made from individuals living within the AISD will be processed from March 2 to March 28. Parents making requests from outside AISD zoned areas will be notified in August.

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