DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Some students in Dallas are attending a boot camp three days each week, in order to take charge of their health and learn some important lessons along the way. The program is aimed at giving tweens something fun to do, and getting them to make healthy choices in life.

“Coach Montgomery is doing a great job with doing things with the kids,” said program coordinator Tasha Moore. “They do different circuits — they make it very competitive. The kids love it.”

But fitness is just one component. There are also elements of violence prevention, academic excellence, leadership training and goal setting. “Maybe they want to be in the NBA,” Moore said about how the program can help out kids. “What are they doing right now to get to that goal? That would be working out and exercising, learning how to eat healthy.”

Since starting the program last fall, attendance has improved and grades have improved. The students are more health-conscious.

“It gives you something to do instead of being outside and doing nothing,” said seventh-grader Eboni Morrison. She’s even proud of her weight loss since starting the program. “I was 120 and now I’m 115.”

“I can run faster and I can pick up heavier things,” added sixth-grader David Hall Jr. “I can do a lot more.”

The students are even re-educating their entire families. “We really want to pull in the parents,” said Moore. “We want them to teach their parents.” The program provides a farm stand for discounted fresh fruits and vegetables. The produce is made available to students and their families weekly.

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