DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The State of Texas has $2.6 billion in what amounts to a ‘lost and found’ account.

Last week, the Tiller family went to the Texas Comptroller’s Office website and found $76 that belongs to them.

“We thought we knew we had everything, and then low and behold this pops up, so you never know,” said Chris Tiller.

The money came from an investment account Chris’s wife, Colleen Tiller closed years ago and had since forgotten about.

The comptroller’s office estimates one in four Texans has unclaimed property.

“The important thing is people may not realize there is money out in their name in the unclaimed property program,” said RJ DeSilva with Texas Comptroller’s Office.

Like many, Tishannah Nanton of Dallas was convinced she didn’t have any unclaimed property.

The CBS I-Team checked online for her and found an old pay-check for nearly $200 that she never received.

“It didn’t cross my mind at all,” she said. “I thought I had all the money.”

From insurance policies to oil and mineral royalties to utility deposits, the state says they received millions in unclaimed property every year.

While some unclaimed accounts amount to just a few pennies, the I-Team found others online as large as $10,000.

To check to see if you have unclaimed property go to ClaimItTexas.org. For accounts in other states, go to missingmoney.com.

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