By Tracy Kornet

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – We all know wrinkles are a regular part of aging, but there are some physical changes Mama never warned us about.

CBS 11 News asked seven North Texas women to fess us about their aging challenges.

Krista Carlson of Southlake, Mitzi Willis of Flower Mound, Veena Kodali of Irving, Karen Moore of Denton, Lynh Phan of Frisco, and mother-daughter duo Rendie Young of Denton and Lawon Meador of Argyle, all shared the beauty routines they follow to look and feel beautiful.

First, some of their complaints:

Rendie: “I never dreamed there would come a day when I couldn’t wear heels. Now I can’t wear heels at all. I have no feeling in my feet.”
Mitzi: “Dark circles, puffiness, and all of a sudden my brows started to thin.”
Lawon: “Chin hairs!
Karen: “They’re longer than the others, they feel a different texture.”
Rendie: “Turkey chin.”
Lawon: “Back fat! Even though I’m thin, I put on a bra the other day, and I was like ‘What the heck is that?’ I thought I was looking all hot and all of that. Not from the back! It was all rolling around.”
Lynh: “The first signs of me aging…was that I needed makeup.”

So what are these ladies doing about their aging grievances?

Lynh Phan fixed her fading skin for good  — with permanent makeup on her brows, lips and eyeliner. Veena Kodali, who grew up in India, went the permanent route too; an option she didn’t know existed until she came to America.

“My lips have really bothered me since I was age 10,” Veena recalled. “My lips were, like, brown. I wanted to have lips like everybody else. It really helps me boost my confidence. I’m much happier.”

To smooth out her crow’s feet and fine lines, Krista Carlson of Southlake counts on Retin-A and Botox around her eyes and forehead and swears by sunscreen. She and Karen Moore, both light-skinned blondes, have battled skin cancer. The medical fight left Karen with a regular spray tan routine; she also works out and whitens her teeth. As far as her problem with thinning hair Karen said, “I take hair supplements and wash my hair with apple cider vinegar. It makes a huge difference.”

Most of the women, who range in age from 30 to 60, also embrace eyelash extensions.

Krista Carlston loved the enhancement so much that she opened a business — the Lash Lounge in Highland Village. “It’s almost like an instant eye lift, without having to go through the surgery,” she said.

But what about the areas where nothing seems to work?

Karen said, “I’ve got wrinkles on my neck now. That’s where you start aging.” She then asked, “What do you do about that?” Turns out, a little bit of Botox can lift that too, a beauty tip CBS 11 News Anchor Tracy Kornet told them about after talking to Heather Tindell at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in Flower Mound.

Tindell recently moved to Highland Village from Los Angeles to help open the center, bringing with her some of the hot, new spots where Botox is helping women look younger: the neck, upper lip, and what she refers to as  “the bunnies.” “The bunnies, as we like to call them, are the deep wrinkles on the side of your nose that you get from scrunching your nose when you smile. We put a couple of units on each side. That will keep wrinkles from settling in permanently.”

“For the neck, we inject the bands all the way down. That pops up your Nefertiti muscle and gives you a nice, instant neck lift,” Heather explained. She went on to say that more men and women are embracing Botox for preventive maintenance. “As you age, your upper lip starts to curl under. Many people don’t realize that.”

For under $100, a couple of units of Botox in the upper lip lifts it back up. Plus, it helps relax fine lines around the mouth, which over time can cause what people call smoker’s or kissing lines.

According to the CBS 11 panel of women, these beauty “tweaks” are worthwhile investments and are helping them age gracefully and guilt-free.

Rendie Young, the oldest of the group, admits she didn’t feel she had permission to take care of herself when she was young. She shares this advice for all women. “If you spend too much time loving yourself and on yourself then those that need you, they feel neglected,” Rendie explained. “But if you don’t spend enough time on yourself, then those that need you are embarrassed by you. Ladies, it’s all about balance.”

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